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Comparison between different sorts of riverboards

Top view

forme01 forme02 forme03
Carved in the shape of a water drop.
Very good holding in all circumstances and all water volumes.
Carved especially for women, thiner shape and shorter fins.
The position of the elbows is at the centre of the 3 floats, which allows for a good balance.
Carved for a strong fellow, it is larger at the level of the pelvis.

Front view

forme10 forme12 forme08
You can find the spoon shape on both upper and lower side, which is essential to deal with waves with big volumes. With a rounder shape on the lower side, it allows for more subtlety and pressure. More stable thanks to its flat bottom, it reacts more quickly to different streams.
Works just like ski edges.

Side view

forme16 forme19 forme18
Again, the spoon shape underneath.
5 layers at the level of the fins. Makes it more difficult to roll.
Shorter and only 4 layers for the fins. The front part is more lifted.
Again, the spoon shape in the length.
Thiner fins.
The overall shape resembles a nutshell.

Rear view

forme23 forme25 forme24
The inside is carved according to the swimmer’s body.
The fins are "solid".
The position of the belly is higher.
Beware that the centre of gravity is not too high: waterline level.
More room in the middle, but still fitted so that it adjusts closely to the swimmer’s body.


Here is the conclusion to draw for each type of riverboards:

Solidly-built and very easy to handle, perfect toy for waves!!! Graceful and stylish as a woman!!! Harmonious blend of the spoon and the nutshell!!!


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